Laser biathlon
The project is intended
for professional biathletes training.
How to
Bring Up

Everyone, who has ever watched biathlon contest, agrees that only a few kinds of sport can compete with it in aspect of intensity of emotions. Worldwide competitions gather hundreds of best sportsmen and thousands of fans on these hot snowy tracks.

The names of the best biathletes are known all over the world; they become the idol of millions of young sportsmen. To reach such amazing results, they must train since early childhood.

Let’s Make the Weapon Safe!

Here we meet the main issue of young biathletes trainings: their age.

Biathlon is quite a specific kind of sport. You can trust children with any even relatively safe weapon only after they are at least 8-11 years old, and even then under strict trainer’s supervision. And there is no talk about running a distance with weapon. But it’s highly preferable to start young sportsmen training at 6-7 years.

LASERWAR specialists have found solution - weapon should become absolutely safe for an athlete.

For Beginners as well
as for Masters

The main goal of the project is to make the weapon safe, reduce age limit for young biathletes, and to decrease material costs of the ammunition for numerous trainings.

Three lines of equipment developed by our company in different price categories are suitable for both beginners and masters of biathlon.

The primary level set for mass events and the youngest athletes training. This set is designed basing on famous rifle MR-512.
Middle price category set for young sportsmen training, designed basing on rifle MR-532. It has the same mass and size of the real biathlon rifle, it allows to use it effectively for training purposes, but is more affordable. It has a simplified recharge system.
Electronic Target

For laser biathlon we have created electronic target design. The tests have shown excellent results: laser spot is clearly fixed at the whole diameter of the target, there are no false alarms out of the sensors’ zone, and bright backlight of the cell marks the hits.

In this construction we have used a special panel, which allows to change diameter of the target. There is a choice of two classic biathlon options: 45 and 115 mm. Due to this, the target quickly transforms to “standing” and “prone”.

For additional sensor protection from bright sunlight, a special sun cap can be ordered by request.

The target can easily be removed from the racks, transported by car and assembled in any convenient place. Laser biathlon is really mobile.

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Laser biathlon is a new promising trend, which advantages have already been appreciated at many exhibitions: RAPPA 2016, innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Moscow City Day, "Shot-2018". The Russian Biathlon Union, which is already using the first generation of equipment and purchasing a new version, is actively interested in this trend.

The reasons for the interest are clear. Laser biathlon reduces the entry age limit. While the best age to start full training in a regular biathlon is 8-11 years, using the laser rifle drops this threshold to 6-7 years. This opens up new prospects for training young athletes.

Biathlon to the Masses!

The use of a safe laser rifle will allow not only to conduct full training with the youngest biathletes, but also to popularize this sport widely, arranging competitions with elements of biathlon shooting among people who are far from professional sports.

Race of Champions “Laser bullet”, velobiathlon in Lesnoy and many other competitions focused on mass sports may serve as examples of such events. Competitions of this kind are held by Anton Shipulin charity foundation and every time they gather up to 500 participants passionately storming tracks and shooting frontiers of laser tag-biathlon. Traditionally there are a lot of children among the participants for whom these contests are the first steps in the sport.

LASERWAR offers organizers of sports and mass events “Laser biathlon” kits with developer and manufacturer technical support.

Feedback from

“Speaking about the differences between military weapons and laser, of course, there is no recoil, there is no sound, there is no gunpowder smell. However the advantages of this weapon are greater in number. Anyone can shoot this rifle from the age of five, or even three years, no restrictions”.

Together to the Victory!
“Laser biathlon” is LASERWAR contribution
to the future victories of our athletes!
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